July 1, 2020

Yes, we made it here!

It’s already the second half of this unprecedented and strange year. But yet we cannot but admit that its loaded with good tidings alongside.

As it is right now, there have been interruptions around the world in recent times and we are all just settling into the new normal life that’s still evolving.

So, as individuals we need to actively find our place and strike a balance between work, business, family and personal life. This should be a priority for everyone as an unbalanced home/business/work life can result in poor health, family conflict, poor performance & even financial loss.

It will be very good to live one day at a time and not put ourselves under any form of pressure to become or achieve all that we have set out to do this year, knowing fully well that God is still on the throne and will give us the best HE already orchestrated for each and every one this year.

Look around you closely, there are still some good things happenings around yo...

June 22, 2020

God’s thoughts towards us are deep, giving us a future, hope, and an expected end.  His love is not ordinary; it is unconditional with no strings attached.

God is love and that He loves you is not just a cliché. Yes, He does. Believe with a deep conviction in the love that God has for you. Be rooted and have confidence in it.

  You should trust in His love even when you feel unloved or unworthy. Don't entertain doubts in your heart about God's love for you. Hold on to His love.

Whenever you are tired, burdened, feeling unloved or unable to love, ask the Holy Spirit to refresh your heart. Sing love songs to God! Remember all the good things HE's done for you and just minister to him all the same because He enjoys your worship.

Ask the Lord to help you love, just the way He loves. Ask God for the grace to love your spouse even when he or she is being difficult, also to train and nurture your children in love.

Idolatry is a sin against God. He doesn't want us to have any other god besides Him,...

June 15, 2020

The world today is filled with so much harshness and judgement. Many live in fear of saying the wrong things or making the wrong moves. Most people would rather keep silent with their issues or weaknesses than risk being judged or criticized harshly.

In the Bible (John 8:8), Jesus came to the rescue of a woman facing harsh judgment. This could have been anybody male or female. Some men brought this woman before Jesus, ready to stone her to death after she was caught in adultery.

They wanted to know what Jesus thought should be done to her. The law gave the punishment for adultery as stoning to death. They were hoping he would say something they would be able to use against him. If He agreed to stoning her, He would have gone against His own message of love and forgiveness..  

If he said to release her, He would be guilty of condoning adultery and going against the law, a treasonable offence. Jesus, knowing the bad intent of their hearts paused for a little while possibly thinking of how t...

June 8, 2020

When we look around us today, we see so much harshness, insensitivity and lack of care but that should not be. We do not have to wait for government or various organizations to lead the way in doing what is right. 

At whatever level we are, it is our responsibility to give a helping hand and open up our bowels of compassion to the people around us. Our definitions of the word 'love', often vary and most people think of feelings and physical attractions, but love is more than that. 

God is love and His love for us is deep and strong enough to strengthen us when we go through threatening situations. When we are faced with the storms of life, the love of God will keep us going because we abide in His love.

Most negative reactions come from unpleasant past experiences and offenses from the people around us. When we hand over our feelings and pains to God, he turns our pains into gains.

God gives us capacity and grace to have a different attitude and to handle situations different from the ordi...

June 1, 2020

Welcome to June!

This month marks the end of the second quarter of this year...Congratulations!

You made it here.

I just want to encourage you to focus on the things that are working and be grateful for them, stop burying your face in the things you haven’t achieved just yet.

Nobody on planet earth had a clue there was going to be a pandemic this year, so no one prepared or knew how to handle it. Neither did we know what to do.

Along the line we all had to calm down and breathe. Day after day God has kept us and we choose to be intentional about the good things we want to see and experience hereafter.

Post-Covid is here and you will agree with me that we need to make the best out of the new normal life we found ourselves.

It’s my greatest desire that you will find joy in Him and see things through the eyes of God for you this new season.

Open up your heart and mind and embrace new ideas and opportunities around you.

I pray God gives you definite directions and specific instructions on your jour...

May 25, 2020

Nowadays, all over the world media news is filled with stories of consistent increase of cases of the virus that caused the pandemic, violence or the injustice happening around the world.

We are constantly bombarded with news about killings of innocent men and women, and it all just breaks the heart.

You may be tempted to get discouraged and lose hope in the expectation that things will get better. I encourage you to remain positive and focused on Jesus the author and finisher of everything you are. 

This is the time to trust God like never before and develop yourself – body, soul and mind.

Even with all that is happening in the world today, remember that God is faithful.

We are to build our trust in God and grow in faith knowing God is on our side. I love the verse in John 16: 13, It says the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth and give us revelation.

Therefore, we have the Holy Spirit (who is our comforter) to help us through these times. We should not be moved by what we see but...

May 18, 2020

In Acts 3: 1-10, Peter and John met a lame man at the entrance of the temple.

This man was crippled from birth and was a regular at the temple gates alongside other beggars.

On that day he was expecting to receive alms from Peter and John but they insisted that he give them his full attention and look at them.

He grudgingly did so expecting to receive something from them. What is your expectation? Who are you expecting to receive from? Where is your attention directed?

To see does not necessarily mean to give attention. You can see something or someone but not give your attention to them. Seeing is unintentional but to look is deliberate. If your eyes are open you will see even the things you don’t necessarily want to see.  

The next level and most impactful next level is to focus your attention by deliberately looking. Peter and John wanted this lame man to go beyond seeing into looking at them. He was in the presence of God but he wasn’t looking so he was missing it.

Don’t see God as norma...

May 11, 2020

The first relationship that needs to be in place in this season is the vertical relationship with our Maker, God Almighty, through His Son, Jesus. It is such a unique privilege to be able to relate with God, who made and knows all things.

Nobody was born to be completely alone; we all need each other. Psalm 68:6 tells us that ‘God sets the solitary in families..’ This means God is intentional about putting us in relationships.

We have family, friends, colleagues and others around us because God knows we need a support system. So, it is important for us to relate properly with the people in our lives and maintain those important relationships, and you will remain victorious in HIM.

Through Jesus Christ, we have direct access to God and we can fellowship with Him wherever and whenever. It is such an awesome opportunity. If you haven't accepted Jesus Christ by believing in Him, this is a great time to do so.

Accepting Christ opens up a new dimension in your life. He will exchange your pain fo...

May 4, 2020

Our health is indeed a very important part of our lives and we can’t afford to neglect it.

As an individual you have to take responsibility for your body by being mindful of what you eat, drink and do some exercises as much as you can.

Periodically we have to try and check ourselves medically to know our medical status to help us to know what to focus on per time.

As a woman / man, you have to be intentional about your health and this helps you to be responsible about  what you eat and drink.

More than ever we all have to start practicing self-care more than before. Thankfully, there are several tips on healthy lifestyle online that we can read up and learn what to eat and what not to consume.

Try to stay with natural / organically grown foods or fruits; it goes a long way to help put our system to the default setting.

In recent times, we have enough wellness lifestyle coaches out there who you can learn from to stay healthy and enjoy all shades of fruitfulness.

Most importantly, know yoursel...

April 27, 2020

God specializes in turning ugly situations into beautiful ones and he always gives beauty for ashes. It is therefore important for us to see those ugly situations from God's perspective. Relax and trust God because for every disappointment, you will encounter an appointment for destiny.

Our times of trials are opportunities to become more like Him. The more we are like Him; the less we will be shake n by negative circumstances that come our way.

When we go through  hard times, we must constantly remind ourselves of the finished work of Christ on the Cross. The situation may not turn around immediately but you will remain joyful knowing you have victory.

You may not know exactly how God is planning to sort out the situation but be sure that He will bring a message out of it. Job was an upright man who was minding his business when God bragged about him to Satan.

He endured very devastating trials but held on to God and refused to curse Him or lose his faith. From the account of his experien...

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