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Relaxation • Impartation • Coaching

It was a huge success! Watch out for October 2023!

My Dear Fellow Leader


 'Breathe retreat ' I believe is a time for you to pause, rest and recalibrate, in order to move into the next level of your life that God has promised to you. 

I have been leading for many years and I am well aware of the peculiar challenges that ministers wives, female leaders, women in business and career have in the process of building a ministry, business, career, marriage & family. One of the things that I wish I had was a safe space to express myself, learn from others, receive solutions to some of my challenges, and just bond with women who were on a similar journey. Fast forward to several years later, I have decided to birth this platform to serve as a support to wives of pastors, ministry leaders and women in the marketplace - a place where we can leave our titles at the door, and just BE. 

It's a safe place where i share how I walked through my challenges as a pastor’s wife and young leader in the early stage of the ministry and marriage. 

Burnout is real, suffering in silence is not motivating for you, your spouse and those you lead. You are chosen, you are called, and I would love to see you joyful as you live a fulfilled lifestyle. 

With Love,


About Breathe

The Community

We are building a community of sisters connected by vision and purpose. We want to create a safe space where female ministers, leaders, and pastors wives can be their whole selves unapologetically. We understand that burnout is real, and we want to be able to share the load, be a pillar of support, create opportunities for networking and collaboration, and journey together on our God given mission to serve as world shapers.


The Retreat

In addition to smaller sized events throughout the year, we plan to host our annual retreat which brings us female ministers together to rest/relax, learn from each other's experiences, bond through activities, serve as a sounding board to each other's dreams, and enjoy the soft life that we’re meant to live in this world. Leadership can be demanding of our time and energy, but we’ve decided to embrace the “AND” - to Serve others AND serve ourselves. We welcome you to BREATHE!


"Come to me.
I will refresh your life for
I am your Oasis."

Matt 11:28



Dining Options


Outdoor Entertainment Areas


Health &
Beach Club


Fitness Centre & Yoga Activities


Beachfront Restaurant


Panoramic Views
of Dubai


Infinity Pools,
VIP Cabanas






Renewed Sense of Purpose & Clarity

At this retreat, you'll be able to go inwards and review some of the things that are causing you resistance to becoming all that you're meant to be. A new you! Smiling, laughing your way back home to your loved ones.


A Safe Space

We're creating a safe space that allows for vulnerability and expression without judgement. All communication will be with respect, empathy, and love. We will also ensure that no devices are in view during such times.


Learning Discussions

While this is a retreat that promotes rest, we will also have learning sessions scheduled where we discuss topics that are important to us - Self awareness, self esteem, better marital and relationship skills, goal setting and vision boarding.


Networking and Bonding

At this retreat, you'll get to have authentic conversations, and network with like minds, while forging potential collaborative opportunities, sisterhood, and possibly life long friendships.


Intimacy With God

The world is a noisy place, and as much as we lead various ministries, and share with others, we sometimes feel a distance with God. This retreat will create time for you to experience fresh intimacy with God - not only to hear from Him, but to also feel his embrace.


Improved Mental Health

While we understand that this is a short trip, we are unable to dig deep into all the issues that may be causing you mental stress, but we believe that this trip is curated in such a way that you will feel lighter, and in a better mind space to tackle your challenges.


Rest And Alone Time

As much as we want you to bond, learn, and have a fun time, we also want you to rest and recover. Our schedule for this retreat is curated in a way that provides you with alone time to sleep, read, or just do nothing so that your mind and body can repair.

The Convener

Nike Adeyemi-min.png

Nike is an international speaker and minister passionate about love, life and purpose. She is a global voice for love to nations.

She teaches and demonstrates God’s love to individuals and communities, many are empowered to live amazing lives! Among other initiatives, the ministry coordinates relief efforts to needy communities.

Nike is the founder of The Real Woman Foundation located in Lagos, Nigeria dedicated to healing and empowering women and children through the Peace Villa shelter/rehab centre for women and the Love Home Orphanage.

Several women have gone from the streets to earning college degrees, own businesses and resettle in new communities. Rescued children thrive with the hope of a brighter future. She is the president of Real Woman International Inc, a 501©(3) organization in Atlanta, Georgia USA which holds conferences, empowerment seminars and outreach.

Nike is the host of ‘Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi,’ a global TV broadcast where she shares wisdom on various life issues. She is the Principal Consultant at Gabriel and Princess Limited, a training and consulting company specializing in work-life balance. She has authored several books.

With an MSc in Architecture from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria and an MBA from Business School Netherlands, She further trained in Strategic Perspectives for Nonprofit Management at Harvard Business School.
She is a Fellow of the Institute of Researchers and Administrators of Nigeria, a member of the Nigerian Institute of Social Workers among others, a recipient of many awards; she serves on the board of other non-profit and for profit organizations.

She also holds a double doctorate degree as a Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Social Services and Faith Based Initiative from the prestigious Heart Bible International University, U.S.A.

Alongside her husband, Sam Adeyemi at Daystar Christian Centre, she has for over twenty-six years deployed leadership and administrative skills in building a church dedicated to raising role models in the society. She is a dedicated mother of three and cares for many more across the globe.


Can I pay for this retreat in instalments?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept instalments, as all requirements need to be paid for within a stipulated timeline due to the fluctuating global prices.

Does this package include my flight?

This package includes full accommodation for the duration of your stay (all inclusive meals), scheduled activities, and retreat facilities.

Our guests are flying in from different parts of the world, and we are unable to handle flight bookings. You will need to sort out your flight to and fro the retreat destination. However, we will arrange airport pick up and drop off for you.

What if I want to engage in other activities that the hotel provides?

We have scheduled a line up of group activities for all retreat participants. However, if you would like to sign up for other activities not included in our plans, you can do so at your own leisure. You will be provided with a daily schedule for our retreat to allow you plan accordingly.

Can I bring my kids with me?

While we’d love to say yes, however this is an adult only event. We do not have the ability to accomodate kids at this retreat. However, if you would like to bring your family, we ask that you make proper plans to accommodate them. We also request that there’s no interference with other participants. Kids will not be allowed to join our activities.

Do I have to be a pastor's wife?

Absolutely not. This event is open to female ministers, leaders, and pastors wives.

Is this a religious event?

While we will be enjoying intimacy with God, this event is more for learning, connecting, relaxation, and community.


$ 5,000

This Covers:
- Single Hotel Room
- Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
- Retreat Activities
- Airport Pick Up & Drop Off
- Boat Cruise on Dubai Marina Waters
- Trip to the Future Museum
-Coaching with Nike Adeyemi

Kindly fill this form before payment

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Pay by Bank Account (Nigeria Only)

Send an email to for payment details

Zelle (US Only)

Registration closes September 22nd 2022. Your spot is only confirmed upon receipt of payment.

For Enquiries, please contact: Lola (+234) 8056161852

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