Are you longing for a change in your current circumstances and status? Take comfort in the knowledge of the fact that God loves you and sees you.

You are created in God’s image, made for dominion and influence. It is time to grow and exercise dominion in your purpose and area of calling.

You may not look like it or feel like it but if God has said it, picture it in your heart and begin to walk in its reality. Embrace Gods word by faith and you will begin to receive new revelations about what to do to make this new level a reality

Do not despair; the best of you is yet to come because your potential is still being released. Forget the past, put to rest every painful and shameful experience of yesterday.

Forgive whoever has hurt you and let go of past offences so that you can look ahead.. A new day is dawning for you by God’s grace and He says to you “New things I declare…” believe it and embrace it.

Like Ruth, who was a woman of insight, believe that with God, there is always hope for you. Your current situation may be unpleasant but your identity remains the same, you are victorious!

God is a constant source of comfort and help. He cares for you and will send help your way. When God’s power is at work in your life in a definite and specific way, manifestation begins to happen and your life changes.

Receive healing for emotional wounds and mental limitations that have held you back for so long.

I pray that a new work of grace and uplifting begins in your life now in Jesus name.

In His Love,


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