Uncover Your Gift

There is no better time than now for you to find and walk in Gods purpose for your life. This nation and in fact, the world needs you to step into your area of influence and make a change.

Find that gift that has been deposited in you, develop it and maximize it.

At creation, God made man and commanded Him to have dominion over all the earth and the resources within. When you walk in purpose and are of service to humanity, you are taking dominion.

Find your place! Discover what you are meant to do and do it excellently such that it glorifies God. Whatever you are called to do - teacher, doctor, entrepreneur, preacher, do it with a sense of purpose. That is your ministry.

Know that purpose isn’t always about money and acquiring wealth.

Yes, you may get money in exchange for the value you add but money shouldn’t be your motivation.

Your place may be to raise children responsibly, raising Godly children is a very important assignment and should not take a back seat to your career or business.

The Bible says that your seed will inherit the nations so we should begin to mentor them for this at an early age, the values you imbibe in your children today will impact the quality of their decision making and actions in the future

God has given each parent a divine assignment to train, mentor and influence the next generation and how well we do that today will determine the future to a large extent. What kind of future do you want to see?

Mentor the young people around you with a sense of purpose

Receive the grace and courage to commit to doing your part towards the fulfillment of God’s agenda in Jesus name.

In His Love,


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