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Walking In Love

Everyone needs love and acceptance.

After the basic physiological needs of food shelter and clothing, the next most important need of a person is to be loved. God is love and out of the abundance of His love, you can be a blessing to the person right next to you even if you don’t know them. Genuine love and compassion gives us the creativity to fix what is wrong around us, and provide answers to issues in the life of others.

Love is a commandment from God and we have to obey, whether it is convenient or not. We should depend on God for grace to love others the way He has commanded. When people do not feel accepted, they look for love in the wrong places.

There is a void in every life that only God can fill and because God is not physically on earth, He wants to love people through you and me because we are his eyes, legs and heart. You are God representative on the earth. God’s word says that you are gods and you are all sons of the most high (Psalm 82:6). So, if God is going to touch someone’s life, he is going to do it through another person. He is going to use somebody to be a blessing to you and use you also to be a blessing to another.

Our part is to accept Gods love. When we do, we are able to build solid relationships and Families. The family is under attack these last days but we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. Do not take for granted that because your spouse is a Christian, he or she should be able to put up with anything, you should make a deliberate effort to walk in love.

Walking in love means trying to meet other peoples need by finding out what concerns they have and how you can be a blessing.

Learn constantly from Gods word and ask yourself “How am I building this marriage? How am I building this family?” Because it is not enough to say, “We are Christians, so this marriage is solid”. Great relationships and marriages are rooted in love and obedience to God’s word.

It is time for us to get over attitudes of selfishness and begin to love, encourage and build up one another.

I encourage you to make up your mind to be a channel of God’s love to somebody else.

May Gods grace rest and abide with you to walk in love in Jesus name.

In His Love.

Nike Adeyemi

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