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Many times, situations & negative circumstances make us complain and moan about the hardships we face.

In the world today, the grumbling and hardship aren’t limited to particular countries anymore, there is something to grumble about everywhere.

Wherever you live right now, there will most likely be things in your environment that leave you less than satisfied. Stop for a moment and think about the good in your life and the good things around you.

Think about the possibility of things being better than they are right now and be thankful for the opportunities that the problems have created for you to rise up as a problem solver and change maker.

Gratitude is a function of our faith in God and of His promise to never leave or forsake us.

Believe God and His word, maintain an attitude of gratitude and you will experience His wonders.

It is important for us to take a pause and be grateful. There is so much to be grateful for if only we would think and take stock of what God has done in our lives.

Gratitude is important not only because God said so but also because it does a lot to improve our mindset. When we are grateful, we think positive thoughts of hope and endless possibilities.

When you are positive in your mindset, you are happier and your outlook is better. Philippians 4:8 says we should think of things that are true, lovely and of good report and the peace of God will guard our hearts. God’s peace is His assurance that all will indeed be well with us.

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