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You're Victorious

The first step to walking in victory is to know what is yours by virtue of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurrection! There is a great promise reserved for you as a believer of this finished work if you will rise up and grow into it. Victory is in you.

God has finished everything and it depends on you to appropriate this victory into your life and circumstances. When you gave your life to Christ, you were seated in heavenly places far above principalities and powers.

Many believers today still carry a constant fear of tomorrow and uncertainty as to what God’s plan for them really is, because of this fear and uncertainty, they are easily deceived by the lies of the enemy and negative circumstances.

As you settle into the knowledge of your status in God, you will walk with confidence and clarity of purpose. Stop running from pillar to post rather take your place in the inheritance God obtained for you even before you were conceived.

The believer’s destiny in God is to soar high like the eagles, protected by God and confident in Him. Stay in the centre of God’s will for you per time and He will preserve you by His mercies.

Esther received wisdom and grace to confront and resolve the situation that threatened her people. Daniel received courage and stood his ground when the King’s decree went contrary to God’s will. Joseph refused to have an affair with his Master's wife when it might have been beneficial to do so.

These people were preserved against all odds because they were on God’s side, when you obey God and carry out His purpose and assignments, His presence goes with you to strengthen and empower you.

Your best plans and aspirations outside of God’s purpose cannot sustain you or bring fulfillment. Decide today to put God first in all you do. Give Him His rightful place and all things will work together for your good.

I pray for Gods help for you as you arise and take your place in destiny!

In His Love,


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