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We made it here!

Yes, we made it here!

It’s already the second half of this unprecedented and strange year. But yet we cannot but admit that its loaded with good tidings alongside.

As it is right now, there have been interruptions around the world in recent times and we are all just settling into the new normal life that’s still evolving.

So, as individuals we need to actively find our place and strike a balance between work, business, family and personal life. This should be a priority for everyone as an unbalanced home/business/work life can result in poor health, family conflict, poor performance & even financial loss.

It will be very good to live one day at a time and not put ourselves under any form of pressure to become or achieve all that we have set out to do this year, knowing fully well that God is still on the throne and will give us the best HE already orchestrated for each and every one this year.

Look around you closely, there are still some good things happenings around you, so do not short your mind just yet. The best of you is yet to come!

The scripture says “But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you against the evil one”.

2 Thess. 3:3.

Looking forward to hearing your testimonies when they unfold in the next six months.

Happy New Month!

In His Love,


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