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FAQ in marriage

Most frequently asked questions in marriages -

(Q1): How do you deal with a spouse that is still very much cleaving to his/her family after marriage?

(Ans.1): Have a conversation about it, letting your spouse know that you are not comfortable with it. You might also need the intervention of a counselor if the conversations aren’t smooth enough.

(Q2): How can a wife deal with a husband that is out of job.

(Ans2): Be compassionate and patient with him. Support and encourage him to get back on his feet again. You can help him find a job or partner with him to start a business.

(Q3): What do you do when your spouse finds the words “I am sorry” irritating?

(Ans.3):Learn how to act your apologies rather than just say it.

(Q4): How can I deal with a partner that isn’t romantic even after years in marriage?

(Ans.4): Observe your partner’s personality and understand both love languages.

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