March 16, 2020

A quick study of Jesus’ ministry while he was physically on earth tells us that he was a very busy man. Jesus always had crowds of people around him trying to get one thing or the other from him.

His ministry was known far and wide and he had people coming to see and listen to him from very far places. He was in very high demand and his schedule must have been very full on a regular basis.

The Bible says that Jesus went about doing good, healing all who were oppressed of the devil. Yet, in the midst of his tight schedule he prioritized his time alone with God.

Mark 1:35 says .”…before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray..” This tells us that before we get into the business of the day, going about our work, business or classes before the hustle and bustle of getting the children ready for school and heads start filling up with to-do lists, we need to take out time to be with God.

Spend time with God, meditating on His word, listening to what He...

March 9, 2020

The story of the woman in Luke 12 v 10-13, who had a spirit of infirmity, is such an interesting one, this woman had a debilitating illness and was bent over for eighteen years. She was perpetually bent over in an odd posture and couldn’t lift her head up to function normally.. She was always looking downwards, at her feet, she couldn’t look up to enjoy the beauty of the sun!

She faithfully attended the synagogue, which is like church in today’s world, every week, trusting God for her healing.

This woman must have tried different things, gone from pillar to post before she was healed.

One day, Jesus was there at the synagogue also, he saw her, addressed her situation and she was healed!

Whatever it is, it may be an addiction, physical or emotional issues that has kept you in a challenging state for so long, I encourage you to cast your issues upon Jesus because he cares for you.

You may have tried all you know, but with no solution. I want you to know that God wants you delivered and healed...

March 2, 2020

Many people suffer from poor self-esteem and it is a major hindrance to living an amazing life. A low self-esteem and a fearful heart will prevent us from walking in dominion and victory.

A healthy self esteem is when you see yourself as being capable of great things, worthy of love and all of God’s goodness, it reflects in your conversation, and how you think and speak about yourself.

There may be negativity around us but that doesn’t have to define who we are or hold us back. If God says “Go”, receive the faith and the strategy to go about doing His will for your life.

Living with a poor self-esteem is accepting less than what God has called you to be. It is living in mediocrity.

How can you turn things around positively in your esteem?

Accept who God says you are. He says you are beautifully and wonderfully made, make this your truth. Discover your gifts, develop them and showcase them. You are made for greatness.

Even if you suffer from a physical disability or limitation, know that you...

February 24, 2020

Life throws us different challenges that often cause physical, mental and emotional pain. Some people in our lives also hurt us so bad that it is difficult to think anything good can come out of us.

For all the pain, hurt and disappointment you have ever gone through, God is saying he will heal and restore.

He is the friend that sticks closer than a brother, He desires is that you hand it over to him

God wants you to come so He repairs areas in our lives in which we struggle.

He wants us to give it to him because He is the beautifier and he wants to beautify our lives as we trust in Him.

We need to receive our healing so we can be free to  be a source of blessing to our world.

Be deliberate about your healing because the past can become a crutch hindering us from walking into all that God has prepared for us in destiny. Embrace God’s love and let it wash away every pain and from inside of you will arise a passion to help others.

Know that God is the reason why things are not worse than they a...

February 17, 2020

In Mark 1:35, we read that Jesus cultivated the habit of praying and spending quiet time with God.

A vibrant relationship with God builds up latent power in us to help us navigate difficult situations and challenges we may face through the day.

We wake up and hope for the best but we never really know what the day will bring, we need to have the wisdom of God to navigate.

Sometimes we are confronted unexpectedly with badly behaved people on the road, at work and in the market place..

Unfortunately sometimes our first reactions may not reflect whose we are and what values we uphold.

As believers, we must take heed to do and not just hear the word of God.

Technology has made it such that there is no excuse anymore not to access and study the word of God on demand.

We can carry our Bibles around on our phones and other electronic devices. Download good, uplifting music and listen as you go along your day. Music draws us into the consciousness of the presence of God.

If you want to operate in the...

February 10, 2020

What God has called you to do? Your purpose and calling determines Gods expectations of you. God is strategic with creation and everything was made for a specific purpose.  God allowed your birth because He has a plan for you and because he wants to get glory out of you.

The Bible says we were created for His good pleasure, to glorify Him. We can only give God pleasure when we stay in the areas He has purposed that you will be planted and where you will make an impact for Him. It’s not enough therefore, that we worship God all day long in church, there are people out there who we must contact and impact to join in the worship of God.

Whatever it is you are doing, you do it with a difference, because God has ordained for you to do it well.

Purpose is the intention of a thing or the aim or function of a particular thing. Make your life count, live purposeful everyday! Remain motivated, let whatever you do have meaning, let it be valuable to God.

What did God have in mind for you when He made...

February 3, 2020

Last week, I started this discussion on how Esteem affects our relationships. 

Don’t be judgmental of others, trying to cut others down and belittle them is a very obvious sign of poor self-esteem. When you belittle others, you will remain little yourself. Those who try to hold others down remain down themselves.

We should not try to downplay people’s achievements or who people are, when people say good things about someone and you come with a “but,” it is a sign of poor self-esteem.

Learn to accept praise, there is no need to explain away every compliment. If someone calls you a millionaire, accept it, as that may be what the person sees about you.

Somebody compliments your new shoes, don’t quickly dismiss the compliment, smile and say “Thank you” If God has blessed you with something, don’t be apologetic about it. Enjoy it and have a good self-esteem.

Another sign of weak esteem is to depend on material possession to be happy. We have the gifts money cannot buy and for that we should...

January 27, 2020

Convictions are superior to opinions. What is your conviction about yourself? Don’t be easily moved by what other people say. Remember that people’s opinions are subjective.

You should not be totally unconcerned about what people think of you though. You must however be sure of your convictions and forge ahead.

People with a poor self-image usually have a pessimistic outlook on life; they always see and look out for what is not working. They have a critical spirit.

 Consequently, such people are always depressed and not a joy to be around.

Some people seem to have an anointing for perforating other people’s balloons. When you are bursting with joy about the vision God has shown you and the plans you have for yourself, the pessimistic person comes with negative thoughts and words.

The pessimist finds it hard to believe others and always sees the negative side of things.That tendency is not good for a healthy self-esteem.

Believe that all things will work together for your good as the Bible sa...

January 20, 2020

Whatever it is you are going through now is not going to overcome you, just calm down and breath.

When we go through difficult challenges it doesn't mean we have done anything wrong, it just means that there's an opportunity for us to pause, re-organise, re-strategise and re-adjust.

It doesn't mean you should go off your dreams, keep your focus on the dreams and promises God has given you.

It might be delayed but as long as you hang in there, it will definitely come to pass.

See the story of Joseph in the scriptures, he never lose sight of his vision. You also need to forgive anyone around you who might have messed you up in your low moments, like Joseph did, forgive and move on.

The true power for leaders in today's world is love and concern, which is compassion. Allow God to help you through it and you will come out victorious.

In His Love,


January 13, 2020

So many times when God speaks to us we tend to doubt or ask questions in our head, we struggle with instructions from God.

Acts 10 v 9-14.

So many times we hold on to a certain instruction even after HE has given another new word or instruction. We need to continually seek to know Him per time, not just when we need help or a miracle. 

We need to develop our intimacy with God which in turn helps us to know what to do per time.

There are specific instructions from God to individuals per time, and that's the reason why you have to be intimate and know God for yourself and understand whatever He is saying to you per time.

This new year, you will do yourself a great deal of favor to be intimate with HIM and walk closely with Him.

Do not call what God has cleansed unclean, don't hold on to His old ways of doing things.
1 Sam.5 v 22. It pays to obey in totality.

You must decide and be deliberate in obeying God this year, because this season is such that we will all experience God according to...

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