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Check your gratitude list

Life should not be lived in misery and sadness just because things are not going the way you planned it.

If you find yourself feeling hopeless and despondent, it may be that you haven't checked your gratitude list in recent times.

There is a lot to be excited about, think about the people that brighten your day, think about colleagues that make you laugh, Family, children, friends. The people we are privileged to have in our lives are enough reasons to be joyful.

Be deliberate about loving people and giving back, life is about giving and loving. Show some love to someone today, expressing love to others sparks a passion for life in us.

Take time out to check your gratitude list and stay joyful and grateful to God.

I pray for fresh grace for you to find expression for the things you are passionate about in Jesus name.

In His Love,



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