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Step Out

What is that talent and gift that God has given you? What’s that thing which fills you with so much joy? This could be your assignment- Your Mission.

The revelation of your assignment always starts out with a seed that God has planted in your heart. But to actualize it, you need to be focused and sometimes choose not to listen to what negative people say.

Remember in 2 kings 4:4, Elisha told the widow to shut the windows of her house until she was done pouring the oil. Don’t allow distractions and doubts dissuade you from doing the things that God has called you to do.

If God is leading you to do something, step out and don’t be afraid of pursuing it. God puts his approval upon his work; whatever he has told you to do, do it in spite of how you feel.

Fulfil your assignment because that is where your promotion is. Your assignment is hidden in your passion so find your passion.

Whatever you are doing and no matter your vocation, see it as a great assignment and go the extra mile. Refuse to be stereotyped. Jesus is saying to you, ‘be free, lose your bounds.

Don’t wait until you can launch your mission with pomp and pageantry, you don’t have to start big. Start small. Start where you are and with what you have.

Jesus said, ‘go ye into the world..’ not stay inside the church or your comfort zone. Your territory & your market place is out there. God’s grace and power is available for us to walk in victory.

If you are doing anything good, continue to do it. Don’t look down on your work. Don't see your work as mundane. Get the right perspective about the value you are adding

You might not be celebrated yet because what you are doing may appear little, but learn to celebrate yourself. If you don’t say ‘I am,’ nobody will say ‘thou art.’ It all starts with you!

Celebrate yourself and walk in victory in Jesus name!

Yours in His Love,


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