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The Unbelieving Believer

Don’t be an unbelieving believer! The term ‘unbelieving believer’ describes someone who has received Christ but does not have complete faith in Christ’s ability to impact and make a change in their lives.

An unbelieving believer is constantly doubting and unsure of God’s willing

In that waiting period, God expects us to trust him and rely on him completely for strategies and instructions on how to make that promise come to pass.

Taking shortcuts and trying to manipulate people and situations are signs of a lack of faith in God.

For example, if God says to you that as a singer, you will produce 100 albums in your lifetime. It is a valid promise but you have to start with the first one.

Conceive that first one, write the songs, book the studio sessions and focus your energies on producing that first album. Don’t attempt to undertake 100 albums all at once. You will get frustrated by the process.

The journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. All huge endeavors start from a specific step taken in that direction.

Don’t get frustrated that you don’t haven’t covered the 1000 miles already. Trust God, take the first step and keep taking successive steps after that, before you know it, you have covered the 1000 steps.

Life is in phases and we grow from phase to phase. No one just appears.

All successful people we see from afar and admire all started from somewhere. They didn’t become successful in one day.

The first and only man who was created as an adult was Adam, everyone else after him has had to go through phases of growth from conception to childhood and adulthold.

Even Jesus Christ didn’t just appear, he was born, he grew, he learnt to submit and obey his earthly parents.

Jesus knew to make the best of every phase he found himself from childhood through to adulthood.

At the age of 12 he was learning from the spiritual leaders of his day and getting mentoring and instruction.

Invest in your growth through the different phases of your life. Who are you listening to? Who is feeding you? Who are your mentors?

You need models that would help shape and guide you through the journey to become what that picture God has shown you.

Don’t doubt God’s word. Receive the grace for patience and wisdom to maximise each phase in Jesus name.

In His Love,


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