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We all need this message of forgiveness, whether single, married, young and old.

In actual fact, we are hurting ourselves by holding on to the past, carrying a heavy load and unnecessary baggage.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you will immediately become friends with the person or start trusting them again, it just means that you have freed your heart and you have released the person from the power to keep hurting you.

Forgiveness is so important, it’s God’s commandment to let go of those who have offended you. It’s tough and many times it feels sweet to the flesh, holding on to the thought that your malice is punishing the person.

When we do not forgive or let go, we refresh the pain every time we think about or remember what was done to us.

The disciples of Jesus asked him in the Bible how many times they should forgive their brother (or sister) if he/she offends them, Jesus responded that the daily allocation of forgiveness is 70 times 7.

It seems funny but Jesus gave that figure because he knew that it was practically impossible for the same person to offend you 490 times in a day. What Jesus was trying to say was that we should be ready to forgive continuously at all times.

In marriage especially, you have no choice. You have to tell yourself that you are going to forgive your spouse upfront. Always be ready to forgive. Love does NOT keep record of wrongs.

What is that offence that has kept you in a state of not forgiving? Let it go.

I pray today that God will touch our hearts and give us the capacity to forgive in Jesus name.

In His Love,


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