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The seed of fruitfulness is planted on the inside of everyone God made. Whether you see it or not, it is there. You were created to be fruitful in all aspects of life.

This seed of fruitfulness will lay dormant, not fulfilling it's true potential till you are in alignment with God and His purposes for you. If you want to see a cycle of fruitfulness in your life, then be planted by the river of living waters. Psalm 1:6

To be planted by the rivers of living waters is to remain connected to God, by obedience to His word. When this is in place, you come to a point where you are fruitful whether you like it or not. You radiate all shades of fruitfulness.

Job said that there is hope for a tree when it has been cut down. The fall is not the end of its fruitfulness, Job 14:7. Even when as a branch you have been disconnected, with no signs of fruitfulness, there is still hope for you.

You may have been labeled by the afflictions you’ve been going through but your story will change in Jesus name. Yes, there is hope for you because at the scent of water (the word of God), you will bud again and be fruitful.

The Bible talks about different types of fruits, which are all important for us to bear. There is the fruit of the spirit which are joy, peace and love. These are off-shoots of a vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit.

It also talks about the fruits of our lips. What we say are fruits that reflect the content of our hearts and create our realities. We have the fruits of our hands too, which talk about work and productivity.

The woman in Proverbs 31 gave out the fruits of her hands and her works praised her at the city gates. Then there is the fruit of the womb, children destined to be used by God to proclaim His glory and power on the earth.

God desires that you are fruitful in all the aspects of your life and He empowers you to be fruitful through His word.. The best way to respond to your critics and nay-sayers is to bear more fruits, look ahead and prosper exceedingly.

Make progress, keep making progress because your fruitfulness makes the Father joyful.

Like the rod of Aaron, I pray that your life will bud and bear fruits worthy of emulation in Jesus name!

I His Love,


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