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Love Yourself

Learn to accept praise, there is no need to explain away every compliment. If someone calls you a millionaire, accept it, as that may be what the person sees about you.

Don’t be judgmental of others, trying to cut others down and belittle them is a very obvious sign of poor self-esteem. When you belittle others, you will remain little yourself. Those who try to hold others down remain down themselves.

We should not try to downplay people’s achievements or who people are, when people say good things about someone and you come with a “but,” it is a sign of poor self-esteem.

Somebody compliments your new shoes, don’t quickly dismiss the compliment, smile and say “Thank you” If God has blessed you with something, don’t be apologetic about it. Enjoy it and have a good self-esteem.

Another sign of weak esteem is to depend on material possession to be happy. We have the gifts money cannot buy and for that we should be grateful! Always take responsibility, especially for your home and marriage. Don’t say your spouse is an unbeliever, as if that alone is responsible for the unpleasant experiences in the home.

What about your own contribution to the state of affairs? The Bible says the unbelieving one is sanctified by the believing partner. God will always crown your effort with success, especially when you have a habit of taking responsibility.

For those who suffer frequent breakdown of relationships, this might just be what is responsible. Trust God to restore your relationships and bring healing to the parties that are hurt.

People’s testimony about you wherever you are known should be, “He/She is an asset, a rare gem.”

For those who are married and have a terrible record with their spouses or in-laws, God can restore you and change that record. Your spouse may still relate with you like the old you, but pray for God to give him/her a forgiving heart.

As it is in many relationships, people sometimes offend each other. You may say something offensive that your friend/spouse holds onto. If that happens to be the case with you, you need to pray for God to give them a forgiving heart

No one is perfect, in the sense that we often offend those we relate with closely. But good understanding and mutual forgiveness make a great difference in relationships that would stand the test of time. Be yourself and do what you love to do.

God wants to bring healing into our lives and relationships. The Bible encourages us in Psalm 30:5, Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning. God can wipe all our tears. If you are born again truly, be confident that God is with you and in you.

Allow Him to finish the work He has started with you. No matter how painful the situation may be right now, take it to Him and trust Him to work it all out.

Because you are still alive, there is hope. A change is coming and your life is in God’s hands. God sees whatever your present situation is and will help and restore you in Jesus name!

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