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Build For Rainy Days

In building construction, the higher a building will rise, the deeper the foundation must go. When the foundations are being built the workmen are hardly visible and it often looks as if the building has been abandoned.

A structure that is built to last must go through different tests for it to be certified fit for use. As believers, discomfort, pain & rejection should bring us to the place of prayer where we can cry to the Lord for help.

A woman in the Bible named Rebecca was troubled about the state of her pregnancy and sought to know why it was so. In Genesis 25:23, “The LORD said to her, “Two nations are in your womb. You are about to birth greatness”

Believe that God is about to birth great things in and through you as well. This birthing process may be why your experiences appear so difficult. Build yourself for the rainy days ahead and build to last.

You may feel as though God is far away and has left you without help, truth is God is ever present with you & has never left you! Isaiah 54:7 says "For a brief moment I abandoned you but with deep compassion I will bring you back!”

‘Dark days’ are only temporary and should help us learn by experience how to be a comfort to others in the future. God comforts us in all our afflictions and expects us to extend this same comfort to others in need of it.

It is therefore not about what we are going through now but who is in it with us! God loves you deeply and shares your pains and tribulations.

Whatever you may be going through now, be strong and patient, it will eventually turn out for your good. Don’t rush into making some unwise decisions in a bid to quicken the process.

Trials build our capacity for faith, endurance and other Godly virtues.

I pray for you to receive grace to persevere and emerge victorious in Jesus name.

In His Love,


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