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What are you about?

What is the theme of your life? Is it complaint and rejection? So much so that everybody that knows you know you always complain. Move on! Get up and walk away from the past!

Don’t define your life by who likes you and who does not like you. Truth is we didn’t come to this world to be liked. God brought you and me to this world to fulfill purpose and give Him glory!

Focus on your strengths, calling and your purpose and ignore nay-sayers. Everybody may not like you because you aren’t called to them. If you are called to them, they will like and appreciate you.

The lame man by the pool of Bethesda was consumed with why he was there. (John 5:1-15) He was angry and frustrated and blamed everyone for his problems, forgetting that those around him needed help too!

When Jesus asked him if he wanted to be healed, I would have expected his answer to be ‘yes’ in reponse to the question.

His bitterness clouded his eyes from recognizing that The One who could actually do something about his situation was before him. Instead, he went on and on about those who had wronged him and how he had nobody to help him.

What you think on the most is what you will keep talking about so that was the first thing he told Jesus..

Friend, it is time to walk away from the rejection of the past and move on into destiny.

Jesus loved us upfront and His love remains the greatest love of all.. If you have Jesus, you have everything! He was so passionate about you and me that He paid the ultimate price to set us free and bring us close to Him..

Because of His encompassing love, we can love others correctly also, without placing conditions on them.

I pray for you grace to rise above the blame game and take control of your life by the help of the Holy Spirit.

In His Love,


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