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Woman! You Exude Life....

The average woman is loaded with responsibilities and the weight of people’s expectations of her. The society expects so much from women because God ordained us as life-givers.

That’s what ‘Eve’, the name of the first woman means.. ‘Life-Giver’ so every woman should see herself from this perspective. Whether single or married, whatever your age is, understand that you are a life-giver by divine ordination.

How can a woman cope as a life giver with parents to care for, children to nurture, a husband to help and support, a career to attend to and a business to grow? Knowing that all these are to flourish simultaneously in our hands, Women surely need courage.

God would have you know that you cannot go at it alone. You need His help and strength. He will bless and empower you to succeed on all fronts if you depend on Him.

Realize that there is no way you can accomplish all you have been encumbered with in your own strength or ability. We need God’s wisdom, discipline and a clearly defined strategy to manage our many different roles.

Women should adopt the mentality of an entrepreneur towards not only our work or business(es) but also our families..

From Prov. 31:27, we learn that the virtuous woman watches over the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

She guards her family, watches and makes sure she makes a profit—not necessarily money – for the family. The profit in raising a Godly family is not about financial reward but about shaping the destinies of all who pass through that household.

Having that eternal perspective helps us in our day-to-day and long-term decision making. Take the family God has given you as a business; watch over it, nurture and turn over a profit for the kingdom by raising Godly children.

God plans to affect lives through you and change the world, He wants to make a difference in the world through you.

I pray for you grace to run your race well and not be weary in Jesus name!

Keep being your amazing self!


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