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God expects us as Christians to live up to the name by which we are called. To be Christians in-deed, we must live a life worthy of Christ’s name, we should deliver excellence.

The Bible says we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth, are you shinning bright and is your salt as salty as it should be?

As a Christian in your office, you must be the one that delivers value and excellence on all your tasks. A Christian worker should be known for creativity, consistency and hard-work.

It's not about carrying around a big Bible and singing praises loudly at work, it's by our fruits that people should recognize us. We are to live by a higher standard of love in the quality of service we render.

The world is filled with poor customer service and shabby delivery and people are tired of it.If we are God's own, we must deliver our products and services with love being our motive and driving force.

Smile at your clients/customers, serve them warmly, your customer service might just be what will turn a stressful day into a happy one for them.

Good customer service might be the difference between you and a competitor that sells the exact same product. When a customer or a colleague comes to you and you are grumpy and irritable, you leave them worse off than they were.

Love always works! Love makes us humble, receptive to constructive criticism and helps us bend over backwards to make others happy.

Are people encouraged or discouraged by your product or service? This a question you must ask yourself regularly Provide solutions that will add value and not cause an even bigger problem.

Love always births excellence. It is the more excellent way!

I pray that God’s love will be shed in your heart afresh to propel you towards excellence in Jesus name.

In His Love,


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