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Build your self esteem/confidence

A healthy self esteem is having a proper sense of personal worth and value.

Mental and emotional health is a big part of a healthy esteem. How healthy are you mentally and emotionally? A healthy self esteem is crucial to proper decision making, unlocking your destiny and fulfilling purpose.

God made you beautiful and He made you to be a reflection of His image. God declared that you are ‘good’ when He made you. Unfortunately, the environment , people or negative circumstances may sometimes make us feel less capable, resulting in a low self worth, but keep building your self confidence.

Negative words spoken by authority figures, abuse or lack may have eroded your self- esteem but God is set to restore you.

Self-esteem is your assessment of yourself relative to your surroundings and circumstances. A poor self esteem means judging yourself as less capable or valuable than you are.

In the Bible, God told Moses to send out men to spy the beautiful land of Canaan which He had promised them. Later on, we see how a low estimation of self reflected negatively in the report given by 10 out of the 12 spies.

God had given His promise that the choice land of Canaan was theirs but because they didn't see themselves as capable, they couldn't act on God's promise We have all been there, where we think other people are better, smarter, more beautiful and more capable than we are.

When you have a low self-esteem, you find yourself comparing yourself often with others and unfortunately, you always come up short. A low estimation of yourself and your abilities indirectly points to a low estimation of the God inside of you also.

God is not small. Once you have God, you have everything you will ever need to become a success. God is bigger than your problems and challenges and you can access His power to overcome every difficulty.

When you are in an unpleasant situation, you have a choice to see either the good that will come out of it or focus on the bad.The Israelite spies in our earlier illustration chose to focus on the giants rather than the abundance and luxury they had seen.

If you want to know what your esteem is like, listen to your words, track any patterns of negativity in your conversations and your thoughts about yourself. The spies said to Moses “We were like grasshoppers in our own sight, just as we were in their sight”.

When God gives you a command to go, you should go with boldness and assurance that you are able to overcome. Thankfully, there were 2 men in that story, Joshua and Caleb, that had a different spirit. They saw themselves as able and capable.

When we have low self esteem, it shows that we don't have enough of the word of God inside us. We need to have a revelation of God’s purpose for our creation then we can silence the voices of self-doubt and inadequacy.

The Bible says “You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you” Make this your mantra when you feel inadequate.

Fear and timidity are signs of a low self esteem. Accept yourself the way you are. Start by changing your attitude towards yourself.

God did not make a failure when He made you. You may have failed at something before, that is an event, not your identity. You are a winner and I pray that you enjoy a healthy esteem going forward in Jesus name.

In His Love,


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