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Surrender your dreams!

How do you want the new year to be for you?

Call it what you want it to be, declare it by your words...the year has started on a powerful note for everyone already and there is so much expectation. A new year and new decade!

In the beginning of every year most companies, churches and communities, even individuals get to talk about goals, new aspirations and resolutions. So that they can have the feel of the new year.

Hab. chapter 2 v 1 - 2, here we see that God says we should write the vision and make it plain so that those who read it can run with it.

We all need to know that not all who read your vision will want to run with it, so do not take offence when some people don't take you serious.

One of the main reasons why we write down is for clarity, to serve as reminders too for us first and others too, so get your journals, notebooks or on your phone and write.

Every vision is for an appointed time (Hab.2 v 3), so whenever there's a delay be rest assured it will surely come, just wait for it. Surrender your dreams!

A lot of times there's always a gap between when you receive/conceive the vision and the actual time of realization (manifestation), so don't go cooking up something by yourself, wait for it, because it will come in due season. Do not get confused in between the gap or start second-guessing yourself. Hang in there.

You don't really walk up a dream, a dream comes to you.

It is a good attitude to have new dreams and new resolutions, but you need to know that it is God that will bring it to pass, go about your life and leave it to God to make it come to pass.

All you need do is Rest, Surrender to God and 2020 will be your most amazing year so far!

In His Love,


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