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Your esteem & your relationships

Convictions are superior to opinions. What is your conviction about yourself? Don’t be easily moved by what other people say. Remember that people’s opinions are subjective.

You should not be totally unconcerned about what people think of you though. You must however be sure of your convictions and forge ahead.

People with a poor self-image usually have a pessimistic outlook on life; they always see and look out for what is not working. They have a critical spirit.

Consequently, such people are always depressed and not a joy to be around.

Some people seem to have an anointing for perforating other people’s balloons. When you are bursting with joy about the vision God has shown you and the plans you have for yourself, the pessimistic person comes with negative thoughts and words.

The pessimist finds it hard to believe others and always sees the negative side of things.That tendency is not good for a healthy self-esteem.

Believe that all things will work together for your good as the Bible says in Romans 8:28. There is no room for pessimism in God’s agenda, God expects us to believe that all things will work together for our good.

The person with low self-esteem does not believe in his or her social abilities, this may manifest when you lack sound formal education and now find yourself in a position that reveals this and your deficiency in social skills.

Don’t give in to self-degrading thoughts. Build yourself up and educate yourself by buying relevant books and read.

Self-education is about the best form of education these days. Read and pull yourself up to your desired social status.

Being extremely sensitive to the opinions of other people is a sign of a weak self-esteem.

It is nice to have beautiful clothes on, it is however bad when it becomes an obsession. Put your flesh under, remind yourself that life does not solely consist of your appearance.

Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive. Your confidence is the best accessory to any outfit. Don’t be depressed on a Sunday morning because you can’t find what to put on.

Wear what you have with confidence and gratitude .

When you compare yourself unnecessarily with others, it is a sign of a weak self-esteem.

Don’t flex your muscles or grandstand unnecessarily on the job. It depicts a low self esteem.

Handle others courteously, facilitate the work to be done & be known as down-to-earth and always ready to help

This is a very wide topic and I have more points to share, please join me again next time for the concluding part of this blog post.

In His Love


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