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Beauty For Ashes

Life throws us different challenges that often cause physical, mental and emotional pain. Some people in our lives also hurt us so bad that it is difficult to think anything good can come out of us.

For all the pain, hurt and disappointment you have ever gone through, God is saying he will heal and restore.

He is the friend that sticks closer than a brother, He desires is that you hand it over to him

God wants you to come so He repairs areas in our lives in which we struggle.

He wants us to give it to him because He is the beautifier and he wants to beautify our lives as we trust in Him.

We need to receive our healing so we can be free to be a source of blessing to our world.

Be deliberate about your healing because the past can become a crutch hindering us from walking into all that God has prepared for us in destiny. Embrace God’s love and let it wash away every pain and from inside of you will arise a passion to help others.

Know that God is the reason why things are not worse than they are. Live a life of praise, it is God that wakes you up every morning, when you wake up, let gratitude fill your heart.

You are special to God. Forgive and let go so you can shine like a star that you truly are.

The same River Nile that was supposed to kill Moses saved him. It was the place where Pharaoh’s daughter found him. The same circumstance that is causing you pain, will be used by God to cause your fame to shine abroad.

You are not ordinary because God is with you on this journey so don’t be afraid, you will come out victorious.

I pray that God wipes away every pain and reassures you of His love in Jesus name.

In His Love,


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