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HE did it for us, embrace it!

Hi everyone. Good to be with you all again via this medium.

This season we all have to continually be strong and stay positive.

Luke 13 v 10-13 It's a story of a woman who had a spirit of infirmity and was bent over for 18yrs. When Jesus saw her He called and laid His hands on her, and she was made whole.

Firstly, we all need to know that whatever situation you are in, God sees you so be comforted. And the said issues or challenges have expiration dates, it will surely end in praise.

So it's good to always look unto God and keep trusting because God already had it planned out.

God knows about our situation and sees us already healed and out of the issues that has kept us bound.

These issues most likely has kept us downcast, focusing on the negatives around us. But God has the final say, so brace up and embrace it.

The finished work of Christ is a sure victory over all issues or challenges life throws at us.

Look on the bright side of life and see God's word coming to pass in your life.

The word of God will only come to manifestations in your life if only you believe. Renew your mind, fear not and embrace the freedom.

Jesus paid the price on the cross of Calvary already. And your manifestations are here.

I pray you see and experience His love at this season as HE unfolds over your life.

Stay Safe!

In His Love,


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