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Look inwards..

You have to be true to yourself on your journey of discovery and this is a very good time to do that. Pay attention to yourself and look inwards now.

Be authentic, don’t be ashamed or afraid to let the real you show, people want to see the real you.

Don’t compare yourself to any other, compare yourself to you. Ask yourself this question - where were you two, three years ago, compared to where you are now, that will help you access yourself and see where you need to improve on.

Get over your insecurities, ignore your weakness as you work on them. Don’t hide under your insecurities. Dark days are only temporary.

It also very important to plan in your journey of life, find time alone to think and strategize. If you are the introvert it comes easy for you but for the extrovert it takes extra effort, so you need to know yourself and strategize. Career, business, work, be strategic about it.

Love yourself enough to get better and show love to people around you too – your spouse, partner, children, friends, siblings and parents too.

Along the way have fun about what you do, enjoy what you like and focus on what makes you happy.

I pray this season will be a productive one for us all. Amen.

In His Love,


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