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Health is wealth

Our health is indeed a very important part of our lives and we can’t afford to neglect it.

As an individual you have to take responsibility for your body by being mindful of what you eat, drink and do some exercises as much as you can.

Periodically we have to try and check ourselves medically to know our medical status to help us to know what to focus on per time.

As a woman / man, you have to be intentional about your health and this helps you to be responsible about what you eat and drink.

More than ever we all have to start practicing self-care more than before. Thankfully, there are several tips on healthy lifestyle online that we can read up and learn what to eat and what not to consume.

Try to stay with natural / organically grown foods or fruits; it goes a long way to help put our system to the default setting.

In recent times, we have enough wellness lifestyle coaches out there who you can learn from to stay healthy and enjoy all shades of fruitfulness.

Most importantly, know yourself, know your body, and know your medical history. All these will also help you to be discipline, for example you might be reacting to some certain processed foods and you wonder why? It might just be that your system doesn’t align with that particular one and you need to stay away from it. Take time to read labels before you buy or eat.

Our body is the tool we need to fulfil our destinies, so take good care of it.

Be true to yourself, don’t continue to eat just anything you see, moderation is key.

Be intentional about your health and all will be well with you.

In His Love,


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