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Just look around.

When we look around us today, we see so much harshness, insensitivity and lack of care but that should not be. We do not have to wait for government or various organizations to lead the way in doing what is right.

At whatever level we are, it is our responsibility to give a helping hand and open up our bowels of compassion to the people around us. Our definitions of the word 'love', often vary and most people think of feelings and physical attractions, but love is more than that.

God is love and His love for us is deep and strong enough to strengthen us when we go through threatening situations. When we are faced with the storms of life, the love of God will keep us going because we abide in His love.

Most negative reactions come from unpleasant past experiences and offenses from the people around us. When we hand over our feelings and pains to God, he turns our pains into gains.

God gives us capacity and grace to have a different attitude and to handle situations different from the ordinary man How often do you look out for those around you? How often do you stop to find out about the concerns of other people?

Love gives whether it is convenient or not. It is time to step out and make a difference wherever we find ourselves. It is time for us to keep ourselves away from the norm and corrupt practices that happen around us every day.

In these times, we need to walk in love and compassion more than ever. Do not be focused only on yourself and your needs. Have compassion towards your family members, friends and people around you. Check on them.

Let us build our lives on the foundation of God’s love. When we experience it, we will begin to see life from another perspective. Love is powerful. It is our identity; it is what makes us different.

Let us invest our lives pursuing love and looking for avenues through which to impact others.

In His Love,


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