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Stay with His word.

It is good to know and to quote the scriptures but we are better off when the Word is in our hearts Does the knowledge of the Bible soften our hearts and eliminate strife? When strife becomes an identity and we are almost constantly in conflict with others, it is time to take a closer look at our love walk

Mary and Martha had a relationship with Jesus. When He visited them Mary chose to sit at His feet to hear and learn from Him. She likely said in her heart, “I need to listen to the word of God because it is my life and sustenance”.

Martha chose to serve but had issues in her heart towards Mary. If truly she was serving willingly out of love, why was she so upset when Mary her sister didn’t come to join her?

Service is good. Service is also a sign of your love for God and people, yet don’t replace service with fellowship.

How often do you read your Bible? When we take in the Word, our love walk is easier.

We are in the world but we are not of this world. Others should note that we are different because we love.

The starting point is knowing we are loved by God and that should make us tick!

You have a special place in Gods heart but the issue is, are you convinced of this?

If you are convinced of God’s love, your attitude will be different and the things that you struggle with would be different. God loves you and He has planned your life to turn out beautiful in His sight.

In His Love


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