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Trust Him..

We are commanded to love God passionately, allowing our lives to be soaked in the embrace of His love. When we understand His love and view our lives from this perspective, then the broken pieces will fall into place

God’s thoughts towards us are deep, giving us a future, hope, and an expected end. His love is not ordinary; it is unconditional with no strings attached.

God is love and that He loves you is not just a cliché. Believe with a deep conviction in the love that God has for you. Be rooted and have confidence in it.

You should trust in His love even when you feel unloved or unworthy. Don't entertain doubts in your heart about God's love for you. Hold on to His love.

Whenever you are tired, burdened, feeling unloved or unable to love, ask the Holy Spirit to refresh your heart. Sing love songs to God! Sonorous or not; just minister to him all the same because he enjoys your worship.

God feeds on your praises and He cherishes your worship. Tell Him "God I love you, help me to love you more and let your love be perfected in me". When you think deeply about his love it will give you grace and strength to love others, if you refuse to love people, you are yielding to the flesh and not to God.

Ask the Lord to help you love, just the way He loves. Ask God for the grace to love your spouse even when he or she is being difficult, also to train and nurture your children in love.

Idolatry is a sin against God. He doesn't want us to have any other god besides Him, sometimes we esteem money, jewelry, shoes, clothes or our looks above God. This shouldn't be so.

Such attitudes communicate to God that He is not our number one priority despite the fact that we say and sing that we love Him. Check your motives. Whatever you do for God should be out of love.

Don't complain or grumble about your service to God. Count it a privilege to serve Him.

I encourage you to re-affirm your love for God and make a decision to love Him forever. Walk with Him, commune with Him and also take your strength and identity from Him.

I pray that you receive the grace to go on a new level in your love walk with God this season in Jesus name.

In His Love


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