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The factor called - Love!

God wants us to be able to comprehend the depth, width, height and might of His UNCONDITIONAL love. So deep is His love that He sacrificed His precious Son – Jesus as a price to restore His relationship with us.

Love is God’s greatest commandment and as He has freely loved us, He expects us to love others also. A lack of trust or assurance in God’s love contributes to a low sense of worth and insecurity.

If we are finding it difficult to love others, or have deemed some ‘unlovable’, we need to get acquainted afresh with His love because no one is unlovable, all we need is a heart to reach out to them creatively

We can be highly gifted and talented; yet, if we have no love, we are nothing. God’s love defines our identity Once the consciousness of God’s love enters your heart, it transforms your life.

Going out of your way to help others and sharing from the little you have becomes easy when you genuinely love. When genuine love is present, you can forgive offenses and your motives for giving and service is pure. We will not help people because of what we stand to gain, rather, we will help because it is good and right thing to do.

Let the power of God’s love find expression through you this Valentine season and beyond, reach out to someone outside your circle of friends, buy them a gift, take them out to lunch, make a phone call.

Make sure you put a smile on someone’s face by showing them you care this season.

I pray that grace be available to you as you decide to touch others with the love of God.

In His Love,


Nike Adeyemi.

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