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Be Encouraged!

We all come across challenging or stressful situations in our journey of life but as children of God we have to stay positive

In this year 2020 it's been one thing or the other. Different unforeseen situations have happened, but am here to let you know you might go through all these but this won't be the end of you.

Keep working had, be docile, engage your mind, learn a skill, do what works for you per time as you continue to add value, your life matters to God.

God will keep and protect you..put your mind on HIM, focus on HIS word and promises.

Be hopeful and expectant of good news.

This is NOT the time to be down or depressed, keep your head up and do your best to stay above the waters.

Don't be discouraged by the calamity around the world, be positive in your mind.

Peradventure, you're sick wherever you are right now, hang in there, don't give up.

I pray for restoration and perfect healing for you in Jesus mighty name. You're coming out of this season stronger and better.

In His Love,



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