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Daily routine

Spend time with God, meditating on His Word & listening to what He has to say to you for the day. There is no better place to plan your day than in God’s presence.

The time with God is so important because it is the place where you can draw strength for the day ahead. You can only hope to have a great day, only God knows exactly what the day would look like so you need Him to prepare and guide you.

Don't form a rigid routine around quiet time though; carving out time early in the morning may not be ideal for some people. Choose a very quiet place where you wouldn’t be easily disturbed.

The Bible says the love and mercies of God are new every morning, tap into the fresh grace for that day through your quiet time.

I encourage you to make it a habit to spend time alone with God on a daily basis, you will be better for it!

In His Love,



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