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Don't lose your source

Unless you pull a plug off a circuit, it’s source would never dry. So likewise, the only way to lose your source is forgetting your communion with the Holy Spirit. Remember He is a well that never dries.

The gift of the Holy Spirit has been given for you to become a whole Christian.

You shouldn’t lose out on your relationship with Jesus. When He gave to the earth, He gave us Everything.

The best way to love the Lord is to love Him with your whole heart and soul. When the scripture spoke about worshiping him in truth and in spirit, it means much more than service to Him.

It is an invitation to experience His intimacy.

Intimacy with God often occurs in the places where we must trust him most. Heaven on earth is the inexpressible joy and the peace that surpasses understanding that comes from trusting God wholly (Philippians 4:6–7). For, as the old hymn writer said, “they who trust him wholly find him wholly true.”

In His Love,



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