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Fulfill Purpose!

If you will fulfill the purpose of God for your life, you must take your place and become relevant in your area of influence. The following are some keys that will help us take our place in destiny.

Be Informed! The first thing to do to take your rightful place is to be informed about your environment.

Women, don’t limit yourself to domestic chores; Men, don’t be all about football, be informed about current happenings and events.

Beyond your immediate environment, get broader information. Read the papers, watch the news, get interested in world events.

Develop interest in your spouses’ work or profession so you can discuss knowledgeably when it comes up.

We have so much potential to be more and do more! Don’t box yourself into a corner.

Hang around those who validate and build you up. Distance yourself from those who make you feel less than who you are.

Whatever God has entrusted to you as your vocation, be consistent, build a reputation for integrity don’t hold back. Give generously, give cheerfully.

Next, maintain a vibrant relationship with God.

In His Love,



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