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God will make a way

Whatever it is you are going through now is not going to overcome you, just calm down and breath.

When we go through difficult challenges it doesn't mean we have done anything wrong, it just means that there's an opportunity for us to pause, re-organise, re-strategise and re-adjust. It doesn't mean you should go off your dreams, keep your focus on the dreams and promises God has given you.

It might be delayed but as long as you hang in there, it will definitely come to pass.

See the story of Joseph in the scriptures, he never lose sight of his vision. You also need to forgive anyone around you who might have messed you up in your low moments, like Joseph did, forgive and move on.

The true power for leaders in today's world is love and concern, which is compassion. Allow God to help you through it and you will come out victorious.

In His Love,



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