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Happy New Year!

Yes, It's a New Year! And it's okay to feel unhappy or unfilled with the year 2020.

Truly, it gave us a lot of experiences. We laughed, cried, and some made merry together.

No matter how much of your goals weren't accomplished, remember you lived!

Guess what? That year is gone.

Jesus gave you life, that's all that matters. Keep up the positive spirit and conquer this year 2021. You can achieve more than you thought this time.

It’s a new year! Let that sink in for a moment.

Though we do not know what tomorrow holds, we do know the One who holds tomorrow.

So, how can you prepare for 2021?

Fix your gaze on Jesus, and make out time with Him on daily basis and make it a habit.

Focus on your goals, if you do not have them you can still do it, write them down.

Follow His instructions for your life, and over time your life will reflect His character.

As you look forward to what God’s going to do through you in 2021, I encourage you to do these - Sit, Listen and Obey!

366 days just passed, another just began! Utilize every moment with christ at the center of it all.

Have a blast this new year.



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