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Happy New Year!

I welcome you heartily into this new year and a new season!

You will agree with me that last year was a very tough one but God saw us through and brought us into 2022, so we are grateful.

This year I want to challenge you to walk with God and have faith even in the face of uncertainties around.

By faith, you will receive manifestations of all your prophesies and dreams this year.

God, as we all know, is the one Who knows the end even from the beginning, so as we walk with Him this year, He will lead us to fulfillments in diverse ways.

As we trust in God this year and hold on to His word over our lives, let's continue to declare and affirm positively those words and we will all see the manifestations.

In 2022, declare that you will continually see and say what the Lord is saying to you.

I pray for fresh grace and courage for you to listen and take action as God instructs you periodically and you will testify to the glory of God.

Decide in your heart that, as for you and your household, you will have a reputation of faith and trust in God this year and beyond. Selah!

To your wholeness in Christ, Nike.


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