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The younger generation!

Are you doing the foundational work in the life of your children to pass your faith to them?

Are you paying attention to the young ones around you?

They need our prayers and counsel as they grow into what God has ordained them to be, so we need to continually teach, talk and give them good counsel, this will help them to turn out right and become true leaders to their generation.

Romans 10:17 says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. That is how we get faith: by hearing the word of God, by paying attention to it, in church and also at home, having some quiet time getting refreshed by God. There is a surplus of bad news out there and we have to counter it with the word of God.

We need to constantly say the right words to them, encouraging them to be who God wants them to be. As we all know, this generation of ‘Soro soke’ are bold and confident.

Don’t focus on the environment, yes the environment is tough but we can’t walk in fear because we attract what we fear. Believe that the seed of the word you’ve sown and the prayers you have invested before and after birth are finding good ground, keep calling forth whatever God has told you about them until we see them become.

The word of God says that when men are cast down, we will say there is a lifting up. Our hearts should not fear even with all the bad things happening in the world around us rather, we will be encouraged in faith to know that we and our children will not be part of the problem but they will be solution providers.

May your children fulfil their purpose and dreams as they make God proud in Jesus name. Amen

In His Love,



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