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Your troubles are over!

Sometimes, we look at our lives and conclude that life isn’t fair! We put in a lot of effort into our work, relationships and service in general but feel the rewards are slow in coming. I encourage you today, to step out from under that cloud of dissatisfaction and near depression!

The Bible in Hebrews 6:9-10 reassures us that God would never forget our work and labor of love when we serve Him and others. If you believe Gods word, cease from your struggles and be reassured that your reward is on the way.

God is bringing something new out of you, a beauty and a blessing that will over shadow your pains and struggles of this year.

Whenever you attempt to step into something new, there may be both internal and external voices of discouragement, so you need to be sensitive to the Holy spirit.

You may experience opposition but you must press on with God. He never fails! Here are some important attitudes to imbibe as you decide to put an end to struggles in your life.

Forgive freely and easily, don’t hold grudges.

You cannot receive peace if your heart is filled with bitterness and hate towards people, even if they have truly wronged you. Ask God to help you release them and love them unconditionally so that you can experience His peace.

Next, renew your mind daily about your true identity if you are in Christ. Christ has liberated you from struggles.

This sense of identity feeds your esteem and helps you confront negative situations with the right attitude.

Lastly, walk in humility. Humility brings us favor with God and even with men. You will find that people are more receptive to you an willing to help you when you are humble.

I pray that you receive grace to live free from struggles in Jesus name.

Yours in His Love,



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